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Pallet of Printing Paper

Letter size, 11″ x 8.5″,  20lb, 97 bright, 5000 sheets per case, 40 cases, total of 200,000 sheets, suitable for double-sided printing. PEFC certified.

230 $
Per Case
< 30
Day Shipping
Owl labs carrying case
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Owl Labs Protective Cases

Customized carrying cases for your team to protect and mobilize Meeting Owl Lab 3 speakers, designed by Talos Tech.

400 $
Government Pricing
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we are an approved vendor for the Government of Canada and we are registered with the federal purchasing departments direct deposit systems, which means payments will be simple and fast for you. Alternatively, credit cards are accepted through secure payment gateways. Our Procurement Business Number (PBN) is included with every invoice.
    Government buyers should consider factors such as security features, compatibility with existing IT systems, scalability, reliability, maintenance and support, and total cost of ownership. We can help recommend products and services which comply with the above.
    No, Canadian government buyers must purchase IT tech products from vendors that are registered in the Supplier Registration Information (SRI) system and that meet other eligibility requirements, such as compliance with relevant regulations and certifications. We are registered in the SRI and meet eligibility requirements.
    Yes, we are registered in the Indigenous Business Directory (IBD) which means purchasing from our Indigenous-owned organization will assist you in achieving your procurement targets.
    We can recommend a few innovative hardware solutions for you to choose from which will benefit your department as well as be a low dollar value, making it a good start. You can call us at 778-400-3302 or send a message in the form.
    indigenous certified supplier

    100% Indigenous-owned

    Your choice of supplier ought to achieve your diversity goals + timelines + budget.
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    We ship out the units as soon as you have completed one of the two options:
    A. Pay by Credit Card attached to the quote; or
    B. Pay by Direct Deposit by requesting details from your rep.

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